Audi RS6: the monster that brandy designed

‘Relax. Like you, I want my license. Trust me, no crazy stuff. At the most, 20km/h over.’

Famous last words.

We’re in Audi inventive director brandy Lichte’s RS6, associate degreed he looks happy to possess an excuse to travel for a drive. inside the Ingolstadt town limits, a lamb couldn’t be gentler than Lichte. however as shortly as we tend to fork off the most drag and head for the dominion of corners, uncurbed excitement releases a dynamic chain reaction.

‘We have a lot of grips currently,’ he says, shifting into fourth at associate degree indicated, yowling 101mph before braking arduous for a downhill right-hander. ‘Don’t fret, I do know the road.’

Our drive of the new Audi RS6 estate

Lichte proves it through a sequence of blind crests and question-mark bends, followed by associate degree eyes-closed single-track section associate degreed a freshly tarred stretch of twisties with the grip level of an ice-skating rink. it is a blast.

This is a massive deal. In to this point, as you’ll be able to tell from the traveler seat, the RS6 attains an equivalent trick because the RS7 of being associate degree Audi Sport product that stirs the emotions. How? Via the great stuff: consistent interaction, total immersion and provoking commitment.

Too several RS cars over the years have offered technical material resources however slim pickings for fans of dynamic purity. Drive a 2018 model RS5 or RS6 and you may doubtless notice the ride and handling sadly lacking in feel and feedback, and therefore the engines muffled and lackluster.

Enter the new RS7, that fastened most of those faults. And now, fabulously, the RS6 seems to possess done an equivalent.

Lichte has created an awfully special 1st edition. Seven units are designed and delivered to board members and administrators. He tells me: ‘The initial response was thus positive that we tend to square measure planning to provide this custom color and trim combination through the Exclusive division. I oversubscribed one automobile myself to a complete interloper World Health Organization walked up to Pine Tree State and told Pine Tree State, “I wish mine to seem precisely like that”.’

It’s a brutal-looking piece of kit, the additional 40mm in track breadth, down suspension and ground-effect bumpers planting it firmly on the road.

‘To soften this presence, I selected the black pack and avoided adding any carbon fiber exterior accents,’ says Lichte. ‘This way, it’s solely body color [a placing hue referred to as military science Green] and shiny black paint, and after all a touch of chrome on the custom-made  22-inch wheels. The result’s not precisely tasteful, and however, it’s friendly instead of aggressive.’

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